About Us

Our Story

As a family run medical distributor, we naturally transitioned to help provide Covid-19 testing solutions, to do our part in helping to test and screen patients throughout the pandemic. We have worked diligently to help screen the general public and the travel industry.

We mounted into opening our own dedicated GOV.UK listed COVID-19 testing service to help provide PCR & Antigen testing solutions to an ever growing and demanding industry. Along with accredited laboratories we have helped perform over 100,000 tests since the beginning of the pandemic for both travel and general testing purposes.

We are dedicated to continuing our services through Digital Healthcare Testing Solutions. Xana Medi-Test App helps verify tests results instantly within the comfort of your home.

Cutting down long waiting times for lab results, making travel easy quick and convenient

Our vision

Our vision is to provide value and solutions to the Healthcare industry through innovative digital healthcare solutions to help screen, reduce risks of infection, improve & monitor overall health and wellbeing.

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